The Educational system of Canadian Schools


Educational system of Canadian Schools

Children in Canada start their schools from the age of 5 or 6. It takes 12 years to get high school diploma in all the provinces except Quebec. It takes 11 years in Quebec to get high school diploma in addition of 2 year pre-university program. Schools are five days a week (weekends: Saturday, Sunday). School year usually runs from end of August or the first week of September until the end of June. As Canada is a bilingual country, schools are accessible in both English and French throughout Canada. International students can benefit studying in Canadian schools from elementary to high schools. Study in Canada is a great opportunity to get a valid degree as well as new and international experience.

The public, private and boarding schools in Canada


Public, Private and Boarding Schools in Canada


Public Schools in Canada

Public schools in Canada are free for Canadian citizens and holders of permanent residence Canada. However, they ask high tuition fees for international students. Students need to take certain tests particular for these schools to determine their level when they are enrolled in these schools for the first time. They may also have English or French refresher classes for these students.

Student Residency in Canada


Accommodation of Students in Canada

International students in Canada can accommodate in dormitories special for accommodation or they can benefit the program where Canadian families take care of one or two other children beside their own children. In this programs you need to pay certain amounts to the family with whim your child lives. This program is called homestay and means living with native family in a foreign country. That is, instead of going to a hostel or dormitory or renting a room or personal house, the child accommodates in house of a native family and live with them during her/his studies.

Parent Accompanying International Student (minor)


Accompanying Parents’ Visa (Minor)

Parents can accompany children (due to chance of gaining accompanying visa, it is strongly recommended that only one of the parents accompany the child) during their study in Canadian schools by getting 5 year visitor multiple visa. Parents are not allowed to study in Canadian college or university programs longer than 6 month or work with this visa. Parents can benefit this opportunity to promote their chance to get permanent residence Canada for themselves and their family. The most common way for parents is to learn English/French during this time and then gain admission to a college or university as a student.

Express Entry


Express Entry

Express entry has been initialized since the beginning of 2015 to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residence Canada. Express entry transformed Canada immigration system, putting most of the applicants for immigration Canada normally applied through previous system, behind closed doors. Currently, Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada announces the minimum required points to be selected and gain permanent residence Canada monthly. If you want to get permanent residence Canada by an express entry program, Ramoon is ready to help you.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers


Quebec Selected Skilled Workers

Different persons apply for immigration to Quebec every year from across the world and Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada evaluate their cases in its rating system and issue a residence permit after interviewing them. This system experience new transformation and limitations every year.

The Business Programs of Canadian Provinces


Canada Provincial Business Programs

Canada provinces offer different types of entrepreneurship classes in their immigration programs. Immigrants can apply for these programs to develop their business in a certain province.

Self-Employment Immigration


Self-employed Immigration

Government of Canada and state government of Quebec runs immigration programs for persons who want develop self-employment in industry, sport, agriculture and art.

Startup Program


Entrepreneur Startup

Entrepreneur startup visa program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to develop their companies in Canada. Startup visa Canada is for entrepreneurs who have potential to develop innovative companies and can compete and create employment worldwide.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)

  • Have at least one year (1560 hours) legal work experience in Canada in last three years before applying for the program, which includes income in a 0 or A or B occupational class (more information is included in following)
  • Meet the minimum required language level of CLB5 in English or French for B occupational class and CLB7 for 0 and A occupational class
  • Applicant must not intend to live in Quebec
  • Having the minimum income or proof of income is not important in Canada experience class program
  • There is no education requirement for this program
  • Applicant can apply for Canada experience class immigration program from outside the country

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