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Express Entry

Express entry has been initialized since the beginning of 2015 to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residence Canada. Express entry transformed Canada immigration system, putting most of the applicants for immigration Canada normally applied through previous system, behind closed doors. Currently, Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada announces the minimum required points to be selected and gain permanent residence Canada monthly. If you want to get permanent residence Canada by an express entry program, Ramoon is ready to help you.

Applicants for immigration Canada by entry express can choose from among following programs:

Application by express entry includes two steps:

  • First step: to complete the forms related to this program

Completing related forms, applicants can express their interest in gaining permanent residence Canada. In fact, applicant submits her/his expression of interest online to Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada. In this step, qualified applicants for immigration programs according to age, education degree and work experience are inserted in a pool and ranked according to a new Comprehensive Ranking System. If the applicant doesn’t a valid job offer by a Canadian company and none of provinces selected her/him, the applicant must register in Canada Job Bank.   


Entering information in this step is very sensitive because entered information is binding and the result of entering incorrect information may be that the applicant cannot apply for immigration Canada again for years.

  • Second step: inviting applicant to apply for permanent residence Canada

 Canada Government and State governments of Canada provinces as well as employers can select immigrants from the said pool. Applicants who have higher points and those who have a job offer or those selected by a province for permanent residence Canada will be invited and they need to register their online apply by 60 days. Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada till answer your request by 6 months from this date.

But if the applicant doesn’t apply by 12 months, she/he need to insert her/his information to system or pool again.


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Ramoon is a Canadian company registered according to federal rules of Canada under trade name Do Ramoon Ltd. This company provides services to international students including admission to different schools, colleges, and top universities, consultation on migration, getting temporary (tourist/visitor, student, etc.) visas and scholarships.


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