Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers


Quebec Selected Skilled Workers

Different persons apply for immigration to Quebec every year from across the world and Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada evaluate their cases in its rating system and issue a residence permit after interviewing them. This system experience new transformation and limitations every year.

Quebec immigration process includes two separate categories:

First step in the Quebec immigration system:


Immigration Quebec evaluates applicants’ documents according to the rules of Quebec and confirming them, issue Cetificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ).   

Second step in Quebec immigration system:


Passing the first step doesn’t mean gaining permanent residence and you have to pass other steps including medical tests and security check by Federal government to get visa Canada.

Immigration Quebec Skilled Worker Program Eligibility 

To qualify for immigration to Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, the applicant need to meet followings:

  • Applicants must have intention to live in a province in Quebec State;
  • Applicant need to have educational degree confirmed and qualified by Quebec province. That is, if the applicant’s major is required in this province, she/he can evaluated other immigration requirements and if her/his major is not a required one and score minimum required points, she/he can apply for this program but her/his case will not have priority;
  • Have work experience to enter labor market in Quebec (at least 6 months);
  • If it is five years since you have graduated, you need to have at least one year related work experience in last five years;
  •  If the applicant is required to have a language score, she/he must at least reach B2 level in a valid French language test.
  • Note: your French knowledge is very important here. French is the main path to have social communications in Quebec. Moreover, this language indicates that you belong to this society and culture. So, the government of Quebec provides facilities to attend in French language learning programs both inside and outside of Quebec.


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