The Educational system of Canadian Schools


Educational system of Canadian Schools

Children in Canada start their schools from the age of 5 or 6. It takes 12 years to get high school diploma in all the provinces except Quebec. It takes 11 years in Quebec to get high school diploma in addition of 2 year pre-university program. Schools are five days a week (weekends: Saturday, Sunday). School year usually runs from end of August or the first week of September until the end of June. As Canada is a bilingual country, schools are accessible in both English and French throughout Canada. International students can benefit studying in Canadian schools from elementary to high schools. Study in Canada is a great opportunity to get a valid degree as well as new and international experience.

Public schools in Canada are regulated by different provincial education departments and supported mainly by local and provincial taxes together with federal funds. School (Public, private and boarding schools) activities and policies in Canada depends on the province. Teacher’s degrees and standards varies in different provinces. However, teachers must have teaching license to teach in public elementary or high schools, although real requirements in teaching license are designated by education department of any province. All provinces require applicants of teaching to have a bachelor degree to teach in elementary school and most of high schools require at least a bachelor degree for preparations to teach. However, some of the schools stress on 5 year graduation studies or a master’s degree.

Curriculum of Canadian Schools

In Canada high school education system, students take some compulsory courses and some optimal ones during grade 10, 11 and 12. Any student is required to take total of 80 credits during these three years. These 80 credits are provided in a very high variety for Canada high school students and they have different options to choose based on their objectives or intended careers. Education in Canada high schools not only provides students a higher academic position, but also stresses on social skills, art, music, sport and communications preparing the m multi-dimensionally with a better living and work prospect. Canadian high schools are categorized among best ones in the world and many students apply for study in Canada high schools each year.

Subjects are usually classified in two classes in Canadian schools, compulsory subjects and optional subjects. Compulsory subjects, which all students of public schools have to take, includes foreign languages, history, geography, chemistry, biology, physics, computer programming, cooking, auto-mechanics, and textile.


All students under age of 18 years who apply for study in Canada, need to be under care and supervision of an adult in Canada. This person will be the custodian of the student in Canada. Parents of the student in the source country and her/his custodian in Canada need to fill the related form to be confirmed. In most cases, if the student is under age of 10 years, one of her/his biologic parents have to accompany her/him during study. Generally, if you have a family or a friend in Canada with citizenship or permanent residence Canada, they can undertake this responsibility. But if you don’t have any family or friend in Canada, you can contact us to find a proper custodian for your child.

Responsibilities of custodian in absence of parents:

  • Present at school at the time of enrolment
  • Participation in periodical school meetings
  • Present at school at emergency times or illness of any unexpected event


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