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Any person from other countries including Iran can apply for student visa Canada to attend longer than 6 months programs after receiving acceptance letter and CAQ letter (if wants to study in Québec). Acceptance letter to post-diploma programs must be received from institutes approved by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada. These institutes are recognized as “Designated learning institutions” on website of Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada and each have its own DLI code which must be inserted in application for visa. Click here to see the list. 

You can apply for a student visa by admission to a Canadian school. All Canadian schools are designated and approved by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada. All applicants under 18 years of age (minors) applying for study in Canada must be under care of an adult guardian in Canada. This person will be custodian of the student in Canada.


All students under 18 years of age (minors) applying for study in Canada must be under care of an adult guardian. This person will be custodian of the student in Canada. Parents and custodian of a child in Canada need to fill the related form and submit it to Department of Education of the school’s region when applying for admission to the school and submit that form to Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada when applying for a student visa. In most cases, if the student is under 10 years of age, one of her/his biologic parents should be with her/him during the study. If a family member or a friend has citizenship of Canada or permanent residence Canada, she/he can undertake this responsibility. However. If you don’t have a family or friend in Canada to undertake this responsibility, you can contact us to find a proper custodian for your child.

Responsibilities of Custodian in the Case of Absence of Parents

  •  Presence at school in enrolment
  • Attend periodical school meetings
  • Presence at school in probable emergency cases, students’ illness, or accident

Assessment Deadline of a Student Visa Canada Case

Average duration for assessment of applicants’ cases is variable and depends on the country where they live at the time of application, the number of cases under assessment, political position of the country and other different factors. Generally, it takes about 10 to 16 weeks to assess cases of Iranian applicants for student visa. You can find average time required to assess your case here based on the country you live in, answering three questions. If applicant’s case is assessed positively, the applicant or her/his deputy need to submit her/his passport to official representative of embassy of Canada (if you are living in Iran, this service will be provided by the embassy in Ankara, Turkey) to receive your visa sealed on your passport.

Applicant for student visa can travel to Canada without any limitation up to the expiration date of visa which is normally a few months after graduation (if the passport expires before your graduation date, the date will be up to expiration date of your passport).

Study Permit Canada

Receiving a study visa, any applicant need to get Study Permit entering Canada to change her/his “Status”. This permit includes accommodation details of applicant including starting date of her/his activity to the final date and allows the applicant to study and live in Canada. You need this permit for most of your social activities in Canada.

Study permit is issued by airport officer at the airport entering Canada. Issuance of this permit may take a few seconds to several hours (depending on your position and crowd at the airport). Officer will ask you some simple questions about study in Canada and check your documents to issue the study permit.

Documents Required while Entering Canada

Documents required to receive a study permit include:

  1. Passport
  2. Acceptance letter of school, college or university
  3. Letter of Introduction or POE
  4. Certificate of financial ability such as bank accounts or scholarship letter (fund) from a school, college or university and receipt of tuition fee payment (if you don’t have a scholarship).
  5. CAQ (only for students who want to study for more than 6 months in Québec).
  6. Custodian or guardianship forms (only for students under 18 years of age who need a custodian in Canada)

Costs of Getting Study Visa Canada

A bank account to get study visa Canada:

When applying for a study visa, the applicant need to demonstrate officer her/his financial ability to cover tuition fees and living costs for the first year of education. This amount can be indicated totally in the letter of scholarship or in the applicant’s or custodian’s or a sponsor’s bank account.   

  • If the main applicant applies alone:
  • Your first year tuition fees plus $10000 (for study outside of Québec)
  • Your first year tuition fees plus $ 11000 (for study inside Québec)
  • If another person accompanies the applicant:
  • Your first year tuition fees plus $14000 (for study out of Québec)
  • Your first year tuition fees plus $ 16000 (for study inside Québec with an accompany above 18) or plus $ 15000 (for study inside Quebec with an accompany under 18)
  • If other person (or persons) accompany the main applicant:
  • If you are going to study out of Quebec: + $3000 (for adding each person to the case)
  • If you are going to study inside Quebec: + $5000 (for adding each person above 18 to the case) + $2000 (for adding each person under 18 to the case)

An example:

  • If you are going to study out of Quebec:

Tuition fees + $10000 (for main applicant)

+ $4000 (for adding the first person to the case)

+ $3000 (for adding the second person to the case)

Total: tuition fees + $17000

  • If you are going to study inside Quebec:

Tuition fees + $11000 (for the main applicant)

+ $5000 (for adding the first person above 18 to the case)

+ $5000 (for adding the second person above 19 to the case)

Total: tuition fees + $21000

Note: note that this the least amount for financial ability stated by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada and maximum value is not defined. So, it is recommended for applicants to demonstrate stronger financial ability as much as possible. It is very important to know how and what kind of account you need to submit to the embassy of Canada as prove of your financial ability and which details to include in your latter of financial ability. You are recommended to consult with Ramoon’s experts in this regard.

Note: you need to pay some fees online against evaluation of your case and fingerprint when you deliver your case to Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada. These fees are irreversible.

Reject of Study Visa Canada

If your application for study is not accepted, a reject letter will be issued for you where the reason(s) of reject is stated and noted.

Generally, reasons of rejecting study visa are:

  • Lack of enough financial resources
  • The officer is not convinced and justified about applicant’s objective of studying in Canada or she/he couldn’t provide enough reasons about going back to her/his country (after graduation)
  • A improper educational program

When a case is rejected, the exact reason of rejection is not stated to the applicant. In fact, the stated reasons are simply some general ones which are similar for most of the cases. However, if you want to know the reasons of your reject and resolve them, you need to receive the ATIP Note. You can see the exact reject reasons and a complete description by case officer in ATIP note. Moreover, this note is not merely given for rejected cases, but if you have already received your study or visitor visa and now want to apply for another program, you need to receive this not in order to prevent any inconsistency between new information and the information included in your case. Getting this note takes about 20 to 40 days.

In Ramoon, we offer you services related to getting officer note, a true analysis of reject reasons according to submitted documents, and a detailed description about reject reasons for rejected cases.


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