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Colleges in Canada are similar to vocational institutes in Iran and often focus on preparing students to enter labor market. So, the focus is more on functional and operational aspect of subjects than their theoretical aspect in comparison with universities. College programs of Canada are recommended to individuals who want to enter labor market early and have a job with medium income and higher function. Some colleges’ programs include apprenticeship providing students an opportunity to develop their work relationships and experiences before completing their education. This also promotes their employment chance after graduation. Terms of admission in Canadian colleges are easier than those of universities and generally require less prerequisites. Moreover, required language score for admission in Canadian colleges is lower than that for universities.

Colleges of Canada are categorized in two categories: public and private colleges. Following programs are provided in colleges:

  • DEC program (Diploma of College Studies): this program is provided in colleges of Québec and you should have high school diploma to enter this program.
  • Diploma program (requires having high school diploma and pre-university degree)
  • Certificate program (requires having high school diploma)
  • Post Bachelor program (requires bachelor degree)
  • Bachelor program (it is the same as bachelor degree and requires having high school diploma and pre-university degree)

For some colleges the least IELTS score must be 6 and if a student doesn’t have a language degree, he/she must complete language programs as a prerequisite of main program. Many colleges offer an opportunity to students to prove their language ability in English or French through an online test.

What is important here is that entering the main program requires having a language degree, so students without a language degree must complete language program. Generally, embassy of Canada doesn’t accept application of Iranian students who don’t have a language degree. Accordingly, we recommend you to take a language test and achieve the required language level if you apply directly from Iran, even if the university you want to apply doesn’t require a language degree for admission.

Canadian college tuition is between $10000 and $20000 in a year. Range of costs depends on college, program and classes. Besides college tuition fees, there are also costs of health insurance and living costs in Canada which you most include in your list of educational costs.

 According to rules, there is no age limitation for university or college admission or for getting student visa in Canada. However, it should be noted that officers of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada obviously consider the age in evaluating cases of applicants and their educational program must be justified for officer in relation with their situation. For instance, if an applicant is 50 and wants to study in a Canadian college, it is hard for her/him to justify and convince the officer with her/his documents about that her/his only intention for application is to further education and then come back to her/his country.

Family members of applicant of education in a Canadian college can get a visitor or work (employment) visa and her/his children can benefit free education in Canada.

Gaining admission to further education in Canada, particularly if the applicant wants to get permanent residency after graduation, is a specialized job and we recommend you to benefit our qualified consultors before taking any action.


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