Permanent Residency of Canada after Graduation


Permanent Residence after Graduation


A functional way to get permanent residence visa Canada is through education in this country. There are many different immigration programs in this regard and each province has its own certain terms. Canada is a country that not only have a powerful education system and offer different types of scholarships for students, but also allows them to gain permanent residence after graduation.

“Federal Immigration Programs” are implemented through express entry program in all provinces. This program includes Canadian experience class (CEC), federal skilled worker class (FSWC), and federal skilled trades class (FSTC). If you meet requirements of these programs, you can develop an express entry profile.  In this way you can get a point subject to comprehensive ranking system which is included in your database.

This point is assigned based on different factors including education, work experience, language skill and many other factors. Candidates are ranked based on their points in express entry database and higher ranks receive an “invitation to apply” (ITA) to apply for Canadian permanent residence status issued by Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This program is well-known among international students graduated from Canadian institutes who want to live in Canada after graduation.

Particularly, CES is very attractive as it is not a point based program and any person meeting its requirements can be qualified for CEC after one year work as skilled labor in Canada. Accordingly, international graduates received a work permit after graduation and worked in Canada at least for one year, can be considered eligible for this program. International graduates who also meet FSTC or FSWC requirements, can submit their profile to express entry database through these programs as well. Beside these three programs, applicants can apply for permanent residence through “Provincial Immigration Program” for themselves and their dependents.

Two most known provincial programs are Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) and Ontario Express Entry (ONP). It is important to note that applicant is not obligated to stay in that province after gaining residence and can work or live on any point in Canada.

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