Student Work in Canada

Student Job in Canada

Work while studying

Students can work in following types of job during their study in Canada:

  • On campus work:

If and student is a full time student and have valid student visa in Canada, she/he can work at the university admitted. Permitted work hours and related rules and regulations depend on the rules of the university and your position in that university.

  • Off Campus Work:

If a student is a full time student after 1 June 2014, and have a valid student visa in Canada, she/he is allowed to work 20 hours a week in term-time out of the university and full time out of term-tomes.    

  • Co-op Student or Intern:

Co-op programs in Canada are internship-based programs in which students can attend during their study and they are generally paid for attending these programs. These programs are obligatory in some colleges and universities.

Requirements for these programs are as followings:

  • Student must have a valid student visa.
  • Internship must be included in curriculum.
  • Internship program shouldn’t exceed 50% time of education program.

 Work of Spouse in Canada

Student’s spouse can apply for a visitor or work visa in Canada simultaneously with the main applicant or after her/him. Getting work visa, student’s spouse can work in full time in any job in Canada, providing that it doesn’t compromise the situation and educational conditions of main applicant and her/his student visa be valid.

Programs not allowing Students to Work in Canada

It should be noted that students are not allowed to work during following programs:

  • Part-time programs
  • High School Programs and lower levels
  • Language learning Courses
  • General Interest or Preparatory Coerces

Note: Any new-comer to Canada having Permanent Residency or Study Permit of Work Permit need to have SIN Number, i.e. 9 digit Social Insurance Number. Not that starting to work in Canada, you are supposed to submit this number to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada by 3 days. There is no fee to apply for Social Insurance number (SIN) and you can get your SIN entering the country at the airport (if it is work hours of this department), the nearest Service Canada office or online by email, if the office is more than 100 km from your accommodation. click here to find the nearest Service Canada office.


If the following sentence is in your visa, you are not permitted to work in Canada:

This permit does not permit the holder to engage in off campus employment in Canada

In this case, if you change your institute or university entering Canada, and your conditions changed, you should immediately inform immigration department, take necessary actions and pay the required fees.


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