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College programs in Canada are generally focused on functional skills and skills related to labor market in Canada. So, these levels have many adherents through Canada. Terms of entering college are easier than those of universities. However, it should be noticed that getting student visa through gaining admission of a Canadian college have the risk of rejecting individuals with higher degree and/or individuals older than average age of undergraduate students. It is important to note that the type of program or college is very important for permanent residence after graduation in Canada. 


Bachelor’s Degree or Undergraduate Degree in Canada   

Bachelor programs begin after grade 12 of high-school in all provinces across Canada except Quebec where it generally begins after grade 11 of high-school and students can directly enter college or they can first attend a two year pre-university program and then complete a three year bachelor program. Generally, a bachelor program is 3-4 years in Canada.

Gaining admission to a bachelor program in Canada requires having pre-university degree or completing grade 12. It is not necessary to have language degree to attend a bachelor program in Canada. However, if you don’t have a language degree, you must complete language programs at the university.


Master’s Degree in Canada

 Master’s degree generally takes 1-2 years to complete in Canada and is provided as Thesis Based or Course Based programs. Course based programs only include courses during the program and it is not necessary to submit a thesis to complete the program. These programs are generally along with projects and often designed to prepare the students to enter the labor market after graduation. So, they are not suitable for entering Ph.D. programs and higher levels. Course based programs normally take 1-2 years. However, in a thesis based program, the student need to work on a research project with help of her/his supervisor and submit a thesis to get master’s degree. Thesis based master’s programs are generally supported by funds or scholarships provided by university or the supervisor. Thesis based programs takes 2-3 years.

To gain admission to a master’s program, you need to have a bachelor degree with GPA of higher than 14 (may differ in different universities) and have language degree (for example: IELTS score of at least 6 or 5). Moreover, for gaining admission to a thesis based master’s program, you need to have good resume to be successful in finding a good supervisor before applying the university who accept you as her/his student. 


Ph.D. Degree in Canada

Ph.D. degree takes 3-5 years in Canada. For getting this degree, the student must complete the courses of the program and also work on a research project with supervision of her/his supervisor. So, Ph.D. programs require finding a supervisor before applying for the university. Most of Ph.D. projects are sponsored by large companies inside or outside of Canada. Therefore, most of the professors in Ph.D. programs offer funding grants or scholarships for students as their wages. This funds generally cover complete tuition and the sometimes an amount is provided for living costs of the students during their study.

Gaining admission to Ph.D. programs in Canada requires having bachelor and master’s degree with GPA higher than 14 and a language degree (for example: IELTS score of at least 6 or 6.5). However, the main factor to enter this program is your ability to convince the supervisor and having a good resume or CV. Generally, gaining admission to Ph.D. programs in Canada needs a good academic resume (including valid published papers) and good English level.


Graduate Diploma

These programs are for applicants who have bachelor degree but don’t like to prepare a thesis or take apprenticeship in master’s program. This program includes 30 credits completing of which provides the applicants with a Graduate Diploma. Applicants who wants to get a master’s degree after completing this program can generally receive their master’s degree completing more 15 credits. 

You must have a bachelor degree to gain admission to a Diploma Program in Canada. However, it is not necessary to have language degree to gain admission to this program.

Co-op Program in Canada

Co-op program in Canada refer to some bachelor or master’s programs in Canada during which students need to complete apprenticeship in companies and usually they receive payments against their apprenticeship.

Note: there are also other programs in Canada but as it is difficult or impossible for international students like Iranians to get student visa for these programs, they are not included here.


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