The schools of Canada

Canadian Schools


Canadian Schools are generally categorized into two categories: public and private schools. Canadian schools offer admission in two semesters of January and September.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

  • Learning two foreign languages, English and French, fully and systematically
  • Acquaintance of children with international Canadian culture from early childhood
  • Familiarity with different majors in different universities of Canada
  • Institutionalization of self-support and fostering of business talents in early age

Note: children of international students can study in public schools for free in some provinces but in some of them they are considered international students and need to pay tuition for schools in Canada.

If you want to study in Canadian schools, Ramoon provides you following services:

  • Consultation about choosing a school
  • Gaining admission to a school and enrolment
  • Getting student visa of Canada
  • Getting 5 year family visa for parents of children
  • Establishing relationship between parents and a proper custodian
  • Supporting your children after entering Canada
  • Reporting parents about educational situation of the student
  • Education system of Canadian schools
  • Public, private, and boarding schools in Canada
  • Accommodation for students
  • Family visa for parents

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Ramoon is a Canadian company registered according to federal rules of Canada under trade name Do Ramoon Ltd. This company provides services to international students including admission to different schools, colleges, and top universities, consultation on migration, getting temporary (tourist/visitor, student, etc.) visas and scholarships.


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