Poland Registration and Study Permit


Admission and Poland Student Visa

Poland student visa in comparison with Canada student visa

  • It is much easier to get a student visa form Poland than Canada for Iranians and it requires lower financial ability.
  • Average waiting time to issue a visa is much lower than that for Canada;
  • The embassy may contact the student to make an appointment for interview with embassy officer in order to get a student visa.
  • Required documents to submit to the embassy along with application include admission letter by university, receipt of tuition fees paid for the first and second semesters (depending on the university), an airplane ticket, and reserve of a hotel.
  • Poland universities’ Tuition fees for bachelor programs is about €2000 for each semester.
  • There are some English universities in Poland that can gain admission and if you don’t have enough language ability you can attend English courses of the university. Tuition fees for English courses is about €2000 each term.
  • The students are allowed to work in Poland while they are studying.
  • You can get Poland residence after graduation in different ways, such as: marriage to a Polish citizen, initiating a business or having a job offer from an employer.

If the student takes her/his children to Poland

  • The student can surely get a student visa, but getting a visa for her/his children requires a separate application along with mother (that is, the child must apply for visa together with her/his mother) and the essential information must be included in the application.
  • If a mother or father has a visa and wants to enroll her/his child at a public school, it is free. However, the language used in public schools is Polish which may not be favorable for most of the Iranians. To attend in an English school, you must enroll your children in private schools which are not free.



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