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Admission and Austria Student Visa

Admission to Universities Austria

  • You need to gain admission to an Austrian university to get an Austria student visa.
  • Costs of study in Austrian universities is very low and given the quality of these universities and low costs, it is not easy to gain admission to them.
  • Most of the Austrian universities are in German language. However, there are also English universities or programs that you can gain admission to them in English if you satisfy requirements, although they are very limited.
  • Unlike many other countries, you need to have required language ability when you apply for admission to an Austrian university. For example, IELTS score is required to be 6.5 for most of master’s programs.
  • Universities of Austria only admit students who studied in a valid (top) university in Iran. Depending on the requirements, major and university destination, it may be enough for the applicant to be a university student to apply for the university or a bachelor or higher degree may be required as a precondition. Finally, you may have a high school diploma or graduated from an invalid university in Iran, then application for a university in Austria is not a good choice for you.

Austria student visa and required documents:

  • As said before, you need to gain admission to a university in Austria to be able to apply for student visa.
  • You should download visa application for on in Internet.
  • Your Iranian passport must be valid during your stay in Austria.
  • Birth certificate
  • Lack of bad  record
  • Health insurance during your study in Austria
  • Financial ability: note the followings about financial ability
  • Financial ability must cover one educational year as following: if the student is 24 years or younger, €427 for each month, and for students above 24 years old, €773 for each month. This amount includes costs of housing, food and other costs.
  • Submitting documents which demonstrates renting an accommodation (or reserve of a hotel) in Austria
  • If the applicant is accepted, €110 must be paid again to get visa.
  • Finally, interview appointment of embassy of Austria which may take several months. However, unlike the interview appointment for embassy of Germany which may take few years, this time is shorter for embassy of Austria, but it is better to check the possible time before application.
  • If you search on Internet, you will see many recommendations suggesting you to submit your documents to embassy of Austria to apply for student visa at least three months before beginning of your classes. However, as said before, this three months duration is not guaranteed and it is better to ask the embassy about possible time required until an interview appointment and treating the case.


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