• Austria Living Costs

    Austria Living Costs


    Austria Living costs

    Although Austria is one of the richest countries in the world, living costs are much higher than other European countries. Particularly, tuition fees of Austrian universities are very higher than most of the other European universities.

    You can estimate monthly living costs (in Euro) using the following list. These values are only provided as a guide and cannot be considered as indicators. Cost of university dormitory is considered as the base rate of accommodation costs.

    Accommodation Cost

    Accommodation cost depends on the city you are going to study. For example, in Vienna it is higher than small cities. Student dormitory cost in Vienna is about €400 and higher and in small cities it is bellow €400.

    Cost: €400

    Costs of food

    Fortunately, Austria has many discount supermarkets supplying food in lower prices. In most of the universities, you can receive good food in a fair price from cafeterias (Mensa). However, the cheapest way to eat food is cooking food by yourself. Average price of some foodstuffs are: a cup of coffee or tea in a café, €3; a sandwich in a bakery, €3.50; a dinner in a student restaurant, €10; 1 liter milk, €1.10-1.20; …

    Cost: €200-250

    Student Insurance

     Austria has a best insurance system in the world. If you have a health insurance in Austria, you can receive free health services such as doctor visit, surgeries, (except for esthetic surgeries), tooth filling, blood test, sonography …. You have only to pay a little to drugstore for your medicines.

    Cost: €60


    Austria has a best transportation system in the world. You can access everywhere in Vienna by public transportation. Transportation cost is categorized into two category:

    1. Annual card: you can use this card limitless for public transportation for one year.

    Cost: €396 (this cost is divided into monthly instalments) - €33 in a mounth

    1. Student transportation card: this card is called SEMESTERKART and is given to students under 26.

    Cost: €75 for each semester

    Other costs

    A movie ticket costs about €9 and a museum ticket is about €8. However, you can get discounts in most of the museums, movies, theatres and other cultural centers against your student card. Buying a non-textbook to study costs €8 or more and textbooks are normally more than €70. You can get textbooks from library of your university. For example cost of barber is about €10-15.

    Monthly Cost: €50 (without university textbooks)

    University Tuition Fee

    Cost: €740 for each semester

    German Language Class

    For the students who gaine admission without German knowledge or, in other words, are required to attend language courses up to C1.

    Cost: €1200 for 5 months

    Total cost of a student life in Austria is estimated €950 considering all of the above items.


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  • Cost of study in Canada

    The Costs of Education in Canada


    Cost of study in Canada

    Tuition fee

    Tuition fees in Canada varies depending on university and major of study. Generally, tuition fees for bachelor programs are lower than those for master’s and Ph.D. programs. Tuition fees (without considering educational level) include:

    Average tuition fee for international students in Canada ranges from $ 12000 to $45000 annually.

    Average tuition fee for Canadian students ranges from $3000 to $12000 annually.

    Many different scholarships are provided for top students to support their cost of education. Most of these scholarships are provided for master’s programs and higher levels (graduate and post-graduate programs). So, there is strict competition between students across the world to receive these scholarships.  There are also some scholarships for bachelor programs, considerably supporting cost of education in Canada.

    A Summary of Living Costs in Canada

    Living costs in Canada varies from city to city and from person to person. However, most part of the costs is dedicated to accommodation.


    Average cost of living for a student in Canada ranges from $700 to $1500. Click hereto see the prices of different items in Canada and compare prices between different cities.

    Obviously, living costs in small cities are lower than big cities. However, it should be noted that chance of finding a job in small cities will be lower than big cities as well. You can afford your living costs even without benefiting a scholarship through working in a part time job during your study. However, if you don’t use a scholarship provided by the destination university, you must be capable at least to cover your university tuition fee.


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