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Visitor Visa Canada

Visitor visa Canada is generally issued as “Multiple Entry” or 5 year visa Canada or “Single Entry”. According to the rule of Immigration Citizenship Canada a visitor to Canada is allowed to stay in Canada for maximum 6 months. You can extend this 6 month from inside of Canada with a justifiable reason. However, if your reason is not justifiable you have to leave Canada but you can turn again to Canada immediately after leaving the country to stay for other 6 months. However, there is no limitation for the days of a year staying outside Canada.    

About Canada

Canada is the second largest country of the world after Russia. Forty million people live throughout this vast country. So, population density is low in Canada and ctities are relatively far from each other. Canada is in the northern part of North America and has only neighbor (United States). Enough raining and proper use of lands provided Canada a higher position regarding agricultural products and natural resources. Click here to see list of touristic places such a national parks and museums throughout Canada on website of Canada’s government.

Note: if you have already traveled to a country in Schengen area, England, United States or Australia, it will be effective in getting visitor visa Canada. So, please exempt us from accepting your cases of visitor visa Canada if you don’t have already visited one of the said countries. It should be noted that this not include visitor (tourist) visas for accompanying persons or individuals who have invitation letter (for instance, student’s spouse/children, visitor visa for parents of students under 18, and visitor visa for patents of students studying in Canada) and our team re·gardfully accept these cases.

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