• About Austria

    About Austria

    About Austria


    Austria is a country in central Europe. Its capital is Vienna. Austria has a population of more than 8.7 million people and an area of 83.879 km2. It is a mountainous country lying within the Alps. So, it is a suitable area to ski in winter for those who are interested in this sport.  German is the Country’s official language and Euro is its currency. During last years, Vienna is ranked as the best city to live because of its rich culture and high living standards. Austria is a most favorite touristic destination attracting many tourists each year because of winter sports and its intact and amazing nature as well as its ancient cities such as Vienna and Salzburg which is the birthplace of Mozart.


    The greater part of Austria lies in the cool/temperate climate zone. As most part of the country dominated by the Alps, the alpine climate is predominant having cold winters and warm summers.

    Austria’s Population

    Austria has about 8.7 million population from which 2.6 million people live in Vienna, the capital city. Vienna is the largest city of Austria followed by Graz. 1.2 million people are non-native born in other countries who gained Austria residence through work and study.   


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  • Austria Living Costs

    Austria Living Costs


    Austria Living costs

    Although Austria is one of the richest countries in the world, living costs are much higher than other European countries. Particularly, tuition fees of Austrian universities are very higher than most of the other European universities.

    You can estimate monthly living costs (in Euro) using the following list. These values are only provided as a guide and cannot be considered as indicators. Cost of university dormitory is considered as the base rate of accommodation costs.

    Accommodation Cost

    Accommodation cost depends on the city you are going to study. For example, in Vienna it is higher than small cities. Student dormitory cost in Vienna is about €400 and higher and in small cities it is bellow €400.

    Cost: €400

    Costs of food

    Fortunately, Austria has many discount supermarkets supplying food in lower prices. In most of the universities, you can receive good food in a fair price from cafeterias (Mensa). However, the cheapest way to eat food is cooking food by yourself. Average price of some foodstuffs are: a cup of coffee or tea in a café, €3; a sandwich in a bakery, €3.50; a dinner in a student restaurant, €10; 1 liter milk, €1.10-1.20; …

    Cost: €200-250

    Student Insurance

     Austria has a best insurance system in the world. If you have a health insurance in Austria, you can receive free health services such as doctor visit, surgeries, (except for esthetic surgeries), tooth filling, blood test, sonography …. You have only to pay a little to drugstore for your medicines.

    Cost: €60


    Austria has a best transportation system in the world. You can access everywhere in Vienna by public transportation. Transportation cost is categorized into two category:

    1. Annual card: you can use this card limitless for public transportation for one year.

    Cost: €396 (this cost is divided into monthly instalments) - €33 in a mounth

    1. Student transportation card: this card is called SEMESTERKART and is given to students under 26.

    Cost: €75 for each semester

    Other costs

    A movie ticket costs about €9 and a museum ticket is about €8. However, you can get discounts in most of the museums, movies, theatres and other cultural centers against your student card. Buying a non-textbook to study costs €8 or more and textbooks are normally more than €70. You can get textbooks from library of your university. For example cost of barber is about €10-15.

    Monthly Cost: €50 (without university textbooks)

    University Tuition Fee

    Cost: €740 for each semester

    German Language Class

    For the students who gaine admission without German knowledge or, in other words, are required to attend language courses up to C1.

    Cost: €1200 for 5 months

    Total cost of a student life in Austria is estimated €950 considering all of the above items.


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  • Austria Registration and Study Permit

    Registration and Study Permit


    Admission and Austria Student Visa

    Admission to Universities Austria

    • You need to gain admission to an Austrian university to get an Austria student visa.
    • Costs of study in Austrian universities is very low and given the quality of these universities and low costs, it is not easy to gain admission to them.
    • Most of the Austrian universities are in German language. However, there are also English universities or programs that you can gain admission to them in English if you satisfy requirements, although they are very limited.
    • Unlike many other countries, you need to have required language ability when you apply for admission to an Austrian university. For example, IELTS score is required to be 6.5 for most of master’s programs.
    • Universities of Austria only admit students who studied in a valid (top) university in Iran. Depending on the requirements, major and university destination, it may be enough for the applicant to be a university student to apply for the university or a bachelor or higher degree may be required as a precondition. Finally, you may have a high school diploma or graduated from an invalid university in Iran, then application for a university in Austria is not a good choice for you.

    Austria student visa and required documents:

    • As said before, you need to gain admission to a university in Austria to be able to apply for student visa.
    • You should download visa application for on in Internet.
    • Your Iranian passport must be valid during your stay in Austria.
    • Birth certificate
    • Lack of bad  record
    • Health insurance during your study in Austria
    • Financial ability: note the followings about financial ability
    • Financial ability must cover one educational year as following: if the student is 24 years or younger, €427 for each month, and for students above 24 years old, €773 for each month. This amount includes costs of housing, food and other costs.
    • Submitting documents which demonstrates renting an accommodation (or reserve of a hotel) in Austria
    • If the applicant is accepted, €110 must be paid again to get visa.
    • Finally, interview appointment of embassy of Austria which may take several months. However, unlike the interview appointment for embassy of Germany which may take few years, this time is shorter for embassy of Austria, but it is better to check the possible time before application.
    • If you search on Internet, you will see many recommendations suggesting you to submit your documents to embassy of Austria to apply for student visa at least three months before beginning of your classes. However, as said before, this three months duration is not guaranteed and it is better to ask the embassy about possible time required until an interview appointment and treating the case.


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  • Getting Post-Graduated Work Permit

    Austria Work Permit After Graduation


    Getting Post-Graduated Work Permit

    Here is included requirements to get post-graduate work permit. However, first note that you can get a work permit in Austria while you are studying. To see the details click on this link.

    Students with Iranian nationality are allowed to get post-graduate work permit to work 20 hours a week for one year. However, if applied, a blue card will be issued for graduated students which allow them to work full time for two years. Individuals who are key employees for their employers or have a job with good labor market, can apply for Red-White-Red card. Finally, an Iranian graduated can stay and work in Austria but in a highly regulated and law-abiding country as Austria, you must be on time to apply for a proper visa. 


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  • Study Programs in Austria

    Study Programs in Austria


    Study Programs in Austria

    Austria has free and public school system and there are 10 years compulsory education in school. Generally, education system of Austria is categorized into four categories:


    Elementary School



    All students having MATURA (equivalent to high-school diploma and pre-university degree of Iran) can enter a university. However, terms of entering the university is different for international students which is described in following sections. Applicants for medicine and music need to attend and pass related tests. Study in Austrian universities costs €700 each semester. Austria has 23 public universities and 11 private universities with many vocational colleges called Fachhochschule.



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  • University of Vienna

    University of Vienna


    University of Vienna

    To see the real position and requirements of universities of Austria, university of Vienna is introduce here. You will see the following table in this linkwhich includes master majors offered in English.

    As you can see, the required language ability for application is included on the right of table. Generally, the required language levels is are very high and, as you can see, for some majors GRE score is required as well. Naturally, when a university is of high quality with very low fess, it will certainly put certain limitations and filters to attract the best students.

    You can see a table in this link where qualifications included in the above table are described. As you can see, the minimum required IELTS score is 6.5.

    This table is linger and one page is provided as an example. You can see the complete table in this link.  


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