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Admission and Spanish Student Visa

The first requirement to apply for a Spanish student visa is that you have an admission to a Spanish University acceptable for the government of Spain. This important subject will be detailed in other section. Once you got accepted, you must contact the consulate or embassy of Spain in your area and check out the necessary documents you need for the student visa application process. It is possible that the Spanish embassy in each country have its own rules depending on the regulation of the country. As can be noticed in a tour on internet, once you got your acceptance, you need to give your documents to the embassy and apply for your visa between two and three months before start of your program. You may have an interview at the embassy during this period. However, what may practically happen for applicants of a Spanish student visa in Iran will be very different and it may be hard to complete your application process and interview during two months in Iran. So, it is recommended that contact the embassy and check out the last situation and requirements before any proceeding for application.

As indicated in public websites of Spain, you must give the following documents along with your application to the embassy. However, this list is not absolute and the requirements may vary depending on each consulate or regulations of your home country. So, it is insistently emphasized again that contact the embassy before giving your documents.

  1. Information of enrolment in a study program, schedule of courses and so on with details;
  2. Health insurance;
  3. Medical certificate indicating that you that any specific types of diseases (normally checked out by the embassy’s trusted physician)
  4. Proof of financial ability during your study (proof of financial ability during on year is normally acceptable in other countries, but this duration and the amount may vary any time by the embassy of Spain in Iran;
  5. Information about your accommodation in the destination country. For this purpose, it may be enough to book a hotel;
  6. Criminal record certificate.


Important Note

After you entered Spain, you need to apply for residence permit within 30 days. This card will be valid for five years. If you have a residence card (permit) in Spain, an employer can apply for a “work permit” for you, then you will be allowed to work for 20 hours a week for that employer.  


Post-Graduate Work Permit

 Previously a student had to leave Spain after expiration of her/his student visa and completing study program. However, changing the rules, now a student have time to look for a job in relation with her/his education or start a business after graduation in Spain. To apply for a post-graduate work permit, you need to be graduated, have a health insurance for this time period, have financial ability for one year (opportunity to look for a job), and finally pay the application fee.    

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