• Accompanying Parents’ Visa (Minor)

    Parent Accompanying International Student (minor)


    Accompanying Parents’ Visa (Minor)

    Parents can accompany children (due to chance of gaining accompanying visa, it is strongly recommended that only one of the parents accompany the child) during their study in Canadian schools by getting 5 year visitor multiple visa. Parents are not allowed to study in Canadian college or university programs longer than 6 month or work with this visa. Parents can benefit this opportunity to promote their chance to get permanent residence Canada for themselves and their family. The most common way for parents is to learn English/French during this time and then gain admission to a college or university as a student.

  • Canadian Dependent Visa (student’s spouse and children)

    The Spouse and Children Accompanying International Student


    Canadian Dependent Visa (student’s spouse and children) 


    An applicant to study in a Canadian college or university can get a visitor or work visa for her/his dependent accompany and applicant’s children can study free in Canada. Applicant’s spouse can get Open Work Permit and have a full time job inside Canada during her/his study. This can help family costs.


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