Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC)

  • Have at least one year (1560 hours) legal work experience in Canada in last three years before applying for the program, which includes income in a 0 or A or B occupational class (more information is included in following)
  • Meet the minimum required language level of CLB5 in English or French for B occupational class and CLB7 for 0 and A occupational class
  • Applicant must not intend to live in Quebec
  • Having the minimum income or proof of income is not important in Canada experience class program
  • There is no education requirement for this program
  • Applicant can apply for Canada experience class immigration program from outside the country

Work experiences not eligible to apply CEC immigration program:

  • Illegal work experience
  • Work experience during waiting time for the result of B.N.A.H.N.D.G.Y program
  • Working at the same time as studying, even during summer holiday
  • Working during internship
  • Working in C and D classes’ jobs

 Professional work experience means that you worked in one of the following classes:

  • Management occupations (NOC skill level 0)
  • Professional occupations (NOC skill type A)
  • Teaching and technical occupations (NOC skill type B)

Cilice here to see list of Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC) which includes codes and types of different occupations defined by Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada

 Some points about Immigration CEC program:

  • Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada evaluate language level of applicants who worked in different occupations, based on the occupations with the most days. For example, if the applicant has worked in occupations in code 5, A class and in code 7, B class, if the length of her/his work is longer in the B class occupation, his/her language level will be evaluated as CLB5.
  • Part time work experience is eligible for immigration through CEC program if the total hours is equivalent to the minimum required hours.
  • According to the rules of Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada, occupational duties are significantly effective in visa result and most of these duties must be included in the list of NOC duties to convince immigration officer. Otherwise, the case will be void.
  • It is necessary to have a language score to apply for CEC immigration program and the applicant need to achieve the minimum point in a valid English or French test.


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